2000 Kal-Haven Trail Run

The Annual Kal-Haven Trail run was held on Saturday, April 8, 2000. The weather had been ugly in the day leading up to this race. On Friday, the temperature was in the 30's and 40's and it rained most of the day. During the night, the rained turned into snow and by morning, there was 3-5 inches of wet, heavy snow in the area.

KH2000_Start.jpg (6983 bytes) Three brave souls showed up to participate: Pete Kobylinski, Bob Smola and Theresa Xaundria. Unlike in past years, there were no relay teams participating in the race. The race director, Terry Hutchins, dragged his heel across the slushy snow at 8:00 to leave a starting line. This wasn't one of those fancy, dancy races, no-sir-ee. No ChampionChips, no sponsors, no athletes village, no singing and dancing by Johnny Kelley. Just a handful of people looking to go the distance. A couple of group photos were taken, Terry yelled "GO!" and the runners were on their way.
KH2000_teresa.jpg (14869 bytes) Theresa quickly established her dominance over the field, pulling away from the very start. Given the small entry field for the event, the runners were greeted at nearly every intersection of the Kal-Haven Trail and the adjoining roads. Theresa continued to pull away from the pack, while Pete and Bob ran together, duking it out for the silver medal.
KH2000_Bob-Pete.jpg (8463 bytes) Pete turned around somewhere near the 8-9 mile mark to run solo back to the trailhead at 10th street, giving him a total of 16-18 miles for the day. Bob ran a bit past downtown Bloomingdale, then turned around and finished up his run in Bloomingdale to give himself an even and well deserved 20 miles. Theresa ran as if inspired by Uta and Fatima and turned in a stellar performance, exceeding the marathon distance to go approximately 28 miles. Congratulations to all partipants !!!!!

Official Results from the KTC 2000 Kal-Haven Trail Run:

1. Theresa Xaundria 28 miles
2. Bob Smola 20 miles
3. Pete Kobolinski 18 miles